What Is Your Why?

What is your WHY?

Hey guys, It’s Jenny here again.  I am still on the plane, about 30,000 miles up in the air listening to a 2-year-old boy driving his father absolutely nuts with that question.  If you have had kids of your own, or even been around them much, it is no secret that “Why?” is their favorite question.

But you know, I have discovered that it is not just the young children who ask that question.  Even as teenagers and adults when we encounter a rule, a change, or a difficulty we still ask, “WHY?”  Sometimes we even ask it more forcefully then little Brian behind me.


“Why?” is a question that we even ask ourselves in our businesses.  “Why is my ad not working?”   “Why is that video I worked so hard on not getting the views it deserves?”  Why are some of my landing pages converting better than others?”  And then there is the big one…  “Why am I doing this anyway?”

Even though these “whys” may be very frustrating to us at times they are also the stepping stones that will take our business to a whole new level as we answer them.

The question, “Why am I doing this anyway?” is the most important question of all our whys.  Depending on how we answer that question our business will either thrive and grow or fail dismally.  It digs to the core of our motivation.


If we started our business because it looked interesting or because we were curious, when we hit those inevitable challenges along the way it is easy to just give up.  We need a “WHY?” that goes deep enough to inspire and motivate us through those times.

My “WHY?” is so that I can have time with my husband.  I am married to a wonderful man that I love with all my heart.  Jim’s job requires him to travel for 3-4 weeks at a time before having some time back at home.  I sure do miss that rascal when he is gone!


One of the greatest perks for me is the flexibility that an online business gives.  I can do my work from anywhere!  I can do it from our horse ranch in North Dakota or I can travel with my husband for some extra time together!

What is your “WHY?”  Take a picture of it and place it on your desktop or somewhere where you see it frequently as you go about the daily tasks.  It will inspire you and motivate you to keep pressing on, even on those challenging days.


What Is Your Why?

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