Unexpected Turbulence

Good Morning Friends,

It is another beautiful morning in the Chesapeake Bay area.  I have been hanging out over in eastern Virginia, enjoying my favorite benefit of owning an online business, being able to travel with my husband.  This picture was taken yesterday morning as we were driving across the bridge over the Chesapeake Bay.  Being from North Dakota, having some time to be around the ocean is quite a treat.  I was amazed as we were driving across the bay yesterday.  The water was mostly smooth and calm except for one area where there were some pretty impressive waves and white caps.  The picture does not do them justice, but it does show the contrast.

Chesapeak Bay Wave

I am sure someone who understands the currents and the wind patterns could give me an explanation for what I was seeing, but for me as someone unfamiliar with the ocean’s ways it seemed they were unexpectedly coming out of nowhere.

It reminded me of those unexpected turbulent times in both life and our businesses.  Some days, for no reason we can explain, those waves of turbulence comes.  We may encounter a problem within our family or home life that rocks us just as those waves would rock (or capsize) a small boat.  Maybe that turbulence hit you in your internet business.

I had two eye-opening realizations as I marveled at that unexpected turbulence on the bay.  First, while the waves were large and rough, in the perspective of the whole bay, they covered a very small area.  If I would have been in a small boat or swimming while crossing the bay I would have been in for a very rough time of it, but if I could persevere through it, smooth water waited for me again on the other side.  Life and business is like that as well.  If we can persevere through those times that are trying to capsize us and not give up, smooth water will be waiting again on the other side and things will get better again.

Second, while those waves seemed unexpected and like they came out of nowhere, someone who understands the nature of the current and wind there could have predicted them and picked a path across the bay that would have either minimized the turbulent water we had to cross or avoided it altogether.  No matter how much we know or don’t know in our respective businesses, there is always going to be more to learn and people with more knowledge and experience that we can learn from.  Investing in coaching and education, listening to the guidance of those who have been there and done that successfully, can help us avoid and minimize our business turbulence as well.

Did you get a chance to listen to the story of my friends, Jason and Erika, that I sent you yesterday?  If you missed it, check it out here, www.nomoretearsmarketing.com/pfs .  One of the most helpful things about the Patriot Funnel System is that it gives you access to a 6 figure earning coach and 21 easy-to-follow action steps that will set you up for success and help you avoid that unexpected turbulence that can be encountered in your business.

May you have clear water ahead today.

Unexpected Turbulence

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