The 5-Legged Race


I am sure you remember the 3-legged races we all used to have when we were kids.  Some kids were awesome at those.  Me?  I was the uncoordinated one at the bottom of the heap!  A few brave kids even tried tying the legs of multiple kids together to form a chain.  I was never invited to join this group…

I was listening to a live stream of a marketing webinar taking place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico today.  I’m thinking I might have something backwards on that as I was sitting on the sofa in my living room in North Dakota…  Anyway…

The speaker was teaching on the 5 Legs Of Success that a business needs to have.  They are

  1. Content
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Follow-up
  4. Monetization
  5. Traffic

If any of these legs breaks down, rather than successfully reaching our goal we end up in a heap.

Content is what makes us worthwhile to others.  It can be delivered in emails, blogs, videos, or social media posts.  The value we offer to others is what causes them to be willing to listen to us.

Lead Generation is what keeps our businesses healthy.  We need to have a steady stream of potential customers coming so that we are able to locate those who are interested in our offer.

Follow-up is all too often neglected.  But, have you ever not bought something initially and yet after thinking about it for a few days gone back looking for it again?  Follow-up is what makes it easy for our customers to find our offer again after they have had some time to think about it.

Having a form of making money is what sets a business apart from a hobby.  I have a horse ranch here in North Dakota.  Years ago, when the horse market was different, I had a business raising and selling horses.  Now I have a hobby that whinnies when they see me.

The last leg is that of traffic.  This is why stores will pay that high rent for a location in the popular shopping mall or in the right part of town.  An online business is no different.  To stay profitable we need a constant stream of traffic coming through

If your business is going to be like the schoolyard children who always win those silly races you need to invest time and effort into keeping these 5 legs of success mentioned above healthy and working optimally in your business.

The 5-Legged Race

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