Is It A Duck Or A Rabbit?


Century Old Optical Illusion

Is it a duck or a rabbit?  I got sent a picture with this question today.  When you look at it one way it is clearly a duck, but then, if you look slightly different it is a rabbit!  The same picture, yet two very different animals.  This particular picture is an optical illusion that has been around for over a century and is making a current comeback.


Some people see only one or the other in the picture and others can see both animals easily.  It is said that the individuals who easily see both animals and can switch back and forth are those who are most naturally creative.  But even for those who only see one animal, once the other is pointed out they are able to see it as well.


We face this same optical illusion in our businesses each day.  We encounter situations that are like the duck/rabbit drawing.  Is it a problem or an opportunity?  It all depends how we are looking at it.  Some people are able to easily make that switch between seeing the problem in their business and then quickly switching to see the opportunity that it presents.  Others of us will need some coaching and someone to help point out the opportunity that is contained within the problem.


The good news is that, through exposure and repetition, our brains can be trained to see both the ducks and rabbits in the drawings as well as the problems and opportunities in our situations.


At No More Tears Marketing, my mission is to empower you to turn the confusion, frustration, and tears that are too often a part of marketing into opportunity and success!

Is It A Duck Or A Rabbit?

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