How High Is Your Perspective?

Hey Guys, Jenny here again.  I am currently writing this while about 30,000 feet up in the air.  Today  I am flying from our horse ranch in North Dakota to meet up with my husband in Washington D.C.  One of the great things about owning an internet based business is the freedom to travel!


It was pretty cloudy and dreary this morning as we took off from the airport.  But, as the plane ascended, an amazing thing happened.  Before long we broke through that dreary cloud layer and entered into the most beautiful sunshine.  I am sure those of you who have flown before know what I am talking about.  Things look even more dreary, if that is possible, as we passed through the cloud layer but what a change up on top.  The sunshine is gorgeous!  Those clouds that were so gray and dreary are now fluffy and white.  Down below, especially after several days of the dreary clouds, it is hard to remember the beauty that is just above us.

sunshine through clouds

As a few miles went by pretty soon we were away from the clouds and I could see the farms and towns way below us.  It is late January as I am writing this, there is a blanket of snow over everything.  It looks amazingly like my brother’s Christmas village down there.

The perspective and appearance of things is very different at 30,000 feet then it is at ground level!  As the plane travelled I enjoyed the beauty of the moment, but I also was reminded of how much we all also need an occasional 30,000 feet perspective in our business.

It can be all too easy for the day to day problems and frustrations to be like those gray clouds above our heads.  They can block out the beauty and sunshine.  A 30,000 feet perspective lifts us above those problems and challenges we are facing today and helps us see the big picture over a larger span of time.

Different perspective

Those challenges that seem so large right now shrink drastically in size as we gain this perspective.  We discover that the hope and sunshine is still above us just waiting for an opportunity to break through.

If you are stuck in the gray clouds of today of that challenge in front of you feels like a giant mountain, take a few minutes and find that 30,000 feet perspective.  Remember why you started this business.  Ponder your journey to this point.  How have other challenges turned into stepping stones for success?  Remember, even on a cloudy day the sun has not disappeared!

How High Is Your Perspective?

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