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Hi, I’m Jenny Tower, founder of No More Tears Marketing.  Do you have big dreams for your online marketing business?  Would you like to be getting the results you hear are possible online?  Have you ever been frustrated or confused by marketing?  Are you looking to start a home based internet business?  If you answered yes you are in the right place.

Here at No More Tears Marketing our goal is to remove the confusion, frustration, and tears from marketing for you.  We are going to make sure you receive top quality information, proven products, and first rate support.

Our blog posts will continue to provide you with ever-increasing articles relevant to internet marketing, working from home, and creating a lasting income stream so that you can live the life you dream of.

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We will continue to create articles and resources for you to help skyrocket the success of your business.

So who am I anyway?  I am really not that different than you are.  My name is Jenny Tower and I am the founder of No More Tears Marketing.  I am beginning to live the dream of an online entrepreneur, but a few months ago life was very different for me.  Rewind and let me explain.


Back in 2009 I had a successful career as a medical transcriptionist.  I enjoyed my job and was very good at it.  I was not getting rich but I made a comfortable salary.  Then, very unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve, I was sitting at my computer and suddenly the room began to spin around me.  Weird flu virus?  That was my first thought, but after a few days it still was not improving.  Visit to the doctor, visit to the specialist, and fast forward onto Mayo Clinic…


Long story short I had contracted a weird and rare virus that attacked the area of my brain that controls the center of balance.  Doctors prescribed medication and therapy.  It helped some…  But life as I knew it had ended.  I could not do my job and was terminated.  I could barely walk and riding my beautiful horse was an impossibility.


Fast forward another 3 years.  After many $$$ of rehab therapy and nutritional supplements I was learning to compensate but the dizziness still was never gone.  But I was starting to improve functionally.  I could walk without the assistance of a cane.  I could drive my car again, at least if the weather was good.  I could cautiously ride my horses.  I even was able to take a job in town as a companion caregiver for a couple where he was afflicted with Parkinson’s and she had stage IV cancer.


On Dec 24, 2013 I married my amazing husband Jim.  Time spent with him was an incredible treasure, but Jim is a recruiter for a trucking company and travels 7 states in the eastern United States for his job and is home about 8 days out of each month.


During the last quarter of 2015 Linda’s cancer progressed to the point where she could no longer remain living at home so she moved to a nursing home and Dewayne moved in with his daughter.  My job helping them had come to an end and it was time for a change again.  I don’t know about you, but I really hate change!  But, change is also an opportunity in disguise.


Jim and I had the dilemma of what I should do now.  While I am considerably more functional from a medical standpoint than I used to be I still have quite a few physical limitations.  I also wanted something that would give me some flexibility so that I could travel some with Jim for some extra time together when the responsibilities of our horse ranch did not keep me in North Dakota.


I bet you all can guess where this is leading.  Yep…  Internet marketing!  But I quickly discovered that is a confusing and frustrating field if you are new!  I had a few blessings come my way though.  The first, is that I have learned over the years and experiences of life that opportunities hide just under the cover of a difficulty.  This gave me the mindset that enabled me to not give up and keep looking for answers when I encountered those confusions and frustrations.


Second, my path crossed with some amazing coaches and mentors who have been an invaluable resource to turn to when I was stumped.


One of the greatest discoveries I made was Matt Lloyd and his company MOBE.  Stay tuned…  You will learn more about Matt and his program as time goes on and I share tips and strategies with you.


Or…  If you are like I am and you are curious…  You can watch a short video and learn who my friend Matt is here…




Now, I am on a mission to take those lessons that I have learned from my friend Matt and also other mentors and coaches along the way with you and shortcut your path to success.